Key Stage 5: Years 12-13 (The Sixth Form)

A Levels: The World’s ‘Gold Standard’ of Education at Byron College.

2023 Byron College A-Level Exam Success.


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Congratulations to all our Year 13 students who have achieved impressive grades and are now moving ahead with their university studies! An impressive 51% of all the A Levels taken were awarded an A*-A grade when the UK average is only 26%.

All students were placed in universities of their option in the UK and around the world. Highlights include Imperial College London, University of Manchester, UCL (University College London), Durham University, University of St Andrews, University of Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of technology, University of Calgary and University of California.


 d.economou portrait

Demetrios Economou is well on his way to achieving his goal to become an astronaut. He begins an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering, at the age of 17, at Imperial College, London in September 2023, on a full scholarship awarded by the Masason Foundation. This organization supports youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents to develop their skills and to contribute to the future of humankind.

In addition to being a talented Scientist and Mathematician, Demetrios is multilingual, speaking fluent English, Greek, Japanese and Chinese, and an exceptional cellist. He served as Deputy Head boy at Byron College (2022-23) and played an active role in all areas of school life as a student leader. As an accomplished public speaker, he also embraced Model United Nations, most notably as a delegate at Byron College’s annual participation in Oxford MUN.

In his own words, as published on the Masason Foundation Generation 6 scholarship awards:

  • 2013 skipped a grade and graduated primary school at age 10
  • 2016 Published research book on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai
  • 2017 chosen to be in gifted and talented program, wrote my first scientific research paper on asteroid 101955 Bennu
  • 2020 2nd Prize in senior category at the international coding competition "Young Coders Global Hackathon"
  • 2021 got the opportunity as apprentice to researchers at the Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics at the Academy of Athens
  • 2022 Gold award in the British Physics Olympiad 2022 Senior Physics Challenge

The future of mankind lies in the hands of our generation, the Mars Generation. I wish to use my skills not only as a STEM major, but also as someone with an interest in global history and politics, as well as my multinational, multicultural, multilingual background to become a bridge between JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), ESA (European Space Agency), and NASA. As an astronaut I hope to prevent future conflicts that will expand to or occur in space by encouraging a global focus on technological advancement, providing humanity with a new era of peace and prosperity, accelerating the development of humanity into an interplanetary type 1 civilization.

"If there ever was such a thing as an absolute moral imperative, it would be to explore the cosmos and embrace all within it.”

Per aspera ad astra.


Outstanding Pearson Learner Award:

 saleh opla

Huge congratulations to our recent graduate, Saleh Abdul Qadir, who has just received an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award - for achieving the Highest Mark in the *World* for his Chemistry A Level!

This is an exceptional achievement and we are extremely proud of Saleh who has just started his studies in Dental Surgery at the Jordan University of Science and Technology - a role model for all Byron students.


University Destinations


A level qualifications are the traditional, proven route to tertiary education worldwide and inspire a love of learning through enquiry, independent thinking and creative exploration.

 Sixth Form - Emily Quote

The two year AS/A level programme is a natural progression from the broad and academically rich curriculum of the IGCSE programme at Byron College. However, the Sixth Form at Byron College is also accessible for students transferring from other educational systems if their English language skills are at, or above, the B2 level on the Common European Framework (Cambridge First Certificate level).

At A level, depth is emphasised over breadth. This specialization aids the smooth transition to university because, not only do our students have the time to study subjects in much greater depth but, both the polymath and the specialists, thrive following a course of study that allows them to fully participate in school life as leaders and role models, as well as in a wealth of extra curriculum activities that are essential for character development and life skills.

By choosing A levels as their path to university students have the freedom to select their subjects of study according to their passions, interests and strengths. They benefit from taking the responsibility for their choices, from the fifteen subjects that are offered at this level at Byron College, and are empowered to exceed their targets by a significant margin.

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In Year 12, students usually choose four Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level) subjects. Depending on subject choice, tuition periods are either five or six hours a week. In addition, the most able and ambitious students are offered the opportunity to work on the Extended Project Qualification. Non- native speakers will also be offered tuition for the Cambridge IELTS exam, an additional entry requirement for many UK universities.

Completing my Extended Project Qualification in Year 12 was an invaluable experience as it provided a huge learning curve that gave me direct insight into the demands of English Literature at university level. In fact, the writing and researching skills I developed through this project apply directly to my essays now.

During Year 12 admissions officers from many UK, European and other universities present their courses to Byron College students, either in person or online.

In Year 13, students specialize further usually continuing three of their AS choices to A Level and applications are made to the universities of their choice.

During the Sixth form admissions officers from many UK, European and other universities present their courses to our students either through in person presentations or online. We offer continued guidance and advice in support of all university applications, including for Oxbridge.

The best testimonials for any school come from the students themselves:

Life in the Sixth Form was probably the most stressful yet best years of Byron for me. Growing up in Byron and looking up to some of the sixth formers while I was in Year 1 to finally being in their shoes myself, and inspiring others, was a very proud moment for me. Building a much closer relationship with teachers was also something I really appreciated about being in sixth form. We were able to get so close to our teachers to the point where we would see them as friends rather than a teachers; adults we could trust and share anything with. University is a new chapter of our lives, but it can never really replace Byron. I miss Byron a lot, and I even still wear my Byron hoodie to university sometimes. No matter how many more people I meet or new friends I make, it will definitely never feel the same as it was and still is with Byron.

Taking A-Levels was extremely beneficial for me as the first year of university is essentially just going over A2 material, which I am already familiar with, making this transition period from school to university a much smoother process, and I would like to thank Byron and all my lovely teachers for that!

Swad , University of Calgary (Computer Science)


Sixth Form - Anna Quote


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Byron provided me with great extracurricular opportunities that benefited me outside academia, particularly during Sixth From... which also granted us students a sense of responsibility and leadership.


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For those Greek nationals wishing to be awarded the Greek Apolitirion by the Greek Ministry of Education, they will need to have gained a minimum of five GCSEs at the end of Year 11 and two A Levels at the end of Year 13.

The students sit examinations with the following examination boards:

Suggestions for Reading

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Years 12 - 13


  • Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Business
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Further Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Greek
  • History
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Spanish


  • Physical Education
  • University Preparation & Guidance
  • A Level Mindset
  • Theory of Knowledge
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A Level Options Booklet


6th Form Handbook

Books & Equipment lists

Year 12-13


  • Taking my A-Levels at Byron was invaluable. Small class sizes, supportive teaching, and a pleasant learning enviroment made even the hardest work enjoyable.

    Emily (2019) Law,,
    Durham University
  • A levels provided me with strong foundations for my studies at the University of Cambridge. The fundamental maths and physics principles I learned from A level helped me to keep up with the demands of the engineering courses here. When I was studying in the Sixth Form at Byron, I had chances to explore my interests for my university studies and I got a lot of aspirations and help from my teachers and classmates.

    Chengjie (2017) Mechanical Engineering,
    Cambridge University
  • Taking A-levels at Byron helped me greatly with the transition from school to university level education. Though the subjects were tough at times, I always found the support I needed from my teachers who made sure that all the students felt confident with the material. Taking A-levels provided me with vital transferable skills such as time-management, critical thinking and setting realistic goals for myself.

    Lara (2020) English Literature
    Durham University
  • Byron provided me with a positive space, and knowledgeable, kind people who genuinely wanted the best for me, which allowed me to achieve things beyond my own expectations.

    Sandaleen (2018) English Literature,
    Cambridge University
  • During my first year at university, part of my studying routine involved preparing for the upcoming lectures. That meant reading around the subject, but mostly it meant going back to the basics, back to prior knowledge. Knowledge which I gained during the A levels at Byron.

    Efthalia (2019) Medicine,
    Plymouth University
  • Studying A-Levels at Byron was essential in my transition to university. Its small class sizes in combination with quality lesson structures and methods of teaching definitely built a strong foundation for me to pursue higher studies. Teachers were always happy to answer questions and have discussions even outside of lesson time and were keen on supporting my academic interests and pursuits, for example, the Extended Project Qualification I completed.

    George (2020) Computer Science,
    University of Glasgow
  • Perhaps one of the most invaluable elements of being in the Sixth Form at Byron is the international community you get to be a part of. It was only after I graduated and left for university that I realised how rare such a school community is. Being brought up in this friendly accepting environment gave me a more worldly perspective which I consider an essential part of my education. Though Byron was a relatively small community, the core values of confidence, diligence, and compassion I developed here influence my daily life as a UK university student.

    Lara (2020) English Literature,
    Durham University
  • The A levels I took at Byron College helped open my eyes to the countless opportunities I had and fuelled my passion for Biology, eventually helping me achieve my dream of studying at St. Andrews.

    Anna (2018) Biology
    St Andrew's University
  • ‘A levels were definitely the best choice for my secondary school education. In first and second year of university, I found myself already knowing a significant amount of the material covered, as well as helping friends with their revision and understanding. A Levels prepared me for hard work, perseverance and triggered my interest in my subject field. It was a tough two years of schooling but they were worth it!

    Dora (2019) Psychology,
    University of Glasgow
  • Sixth Form is a time of rapid personal growth and maturation right before you set foot into the adult world of higher education or employment. I remember my time at Byron as just that: I did a lot of growing in a short space of time. In my two years at Byron I felt both challenged and guided. Read More

    Sandaleen (2018) English Literature,
    Cambridge University

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