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The Oberholzer - family

oberholzer familyUpon our arrival in Athens in 2009, our children Marnus and Neil were 2 and 4 years old respectively, and did not speak a word of English. After visiting various schools in Athens, THEY decided upon Byron College. And, how right they were!

They very soon made wonderful friends, learnt to speak, read and write English, and developed academically, socially and emotionally into two little boys that excel in everything they do today.

Within four years, Byron College contributed so much to who they are. The unique character of the school, the family orientated approach to everything and by everyone at school and the unique experience of going to school everyday with children from more than 40 different nationalities, all helped them to arrive at a their new school in January 2013, in a very different environment and within a very different culture, and walk into the new school as though it was just another day at Byron. Within a week, teachers at the new school were amazed to what extent they had integrated themselves into their new classes and groups of friends - and they are now regarded as native English speakers, despite the fact that we do not speak English at home.

Thanks to Byron College, the Head Master, the teachers and all personnel, we know that our children are well grounded little individuals who will benefit for life from the excellent start in life and school they received in Athens.

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