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Alkistis Kyriakopoulos

Former Pupil (2014) (Engineering student - Cambridge University)

I decided to come to Byron College at the age of 15, believing it to be the best school to prepare me for pursuing a place at a UK University. I chose Byron because it follows the British curriculum, in particular the A-level examination system, the "gold standard" for admission to UK Universities, especially for my field of interest, Engineering, its small class sizes and its reputation for exceptional teaching, attention to students' individual needs and a friendly and caring environment.

What I found in my time at Byron was far beyond anything I could have ever expected. I found a Headmaster and teachers who genuinely cared about their students and constantly went out of their way, putting all their time and effort into helping us succeed. They encouraged and accommodated me sitting extra exams and going beyond the syllabus that was required of me and, as I pushed through a hectic, aggressive schedule of revision and exams, they not only provided me with excellent academic mentoring, helping me to achieve success after success in my results, but, more importantly, their loving and caring support prevented me from going insane in the process.

I found a student community that welcomed me with open arms and was full of kind and caring people who had clearly benefitted from years of education in Byron's unique environment and ethos. Unlike what is generally expected from schools with high educational standards, the Byron student body isn't characterized by cut-throat competition but rather a warm environment where students care for each other and want to help each other succeed.

After graduating in 2014, I was offered a place to study Engineering at Cambridge University, a success beyond my wildest dreams, which I truly believe I could not have achieved without the amazing support of the Byron community and for which I am eternally grateful to all of them. I will never forget my time at this school, the experiences I have had and the friends I have made. Though I was only at Byron for 2 years, I feel I have gained a family for life.


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