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Summer Programme

Our 2018 Summer Programme begins on Monday, 25th June. This is a three week course, although parents can choose for their child to participate for one or two weeks only.

This is a unique fun-packed experience, exclusively in the English language for children aged between four and twelve, who are native or non-native speakers. The programme promotes the use of the English language and knowledge of English culture and traditions through drama, art, cookery, history, literature and much more.

Excursions, swimming and sports activities also form part of the weekly programme.


Destination UK

The sun is hot, the school is done
Let’s have as much fun as we can
We travel around, we spend every pound
Exploring new places, enjoying every sound.
A city or a village, a castle or a mine
I travel around until I see a sign:
This is ‘Destination UK’, we’ll shine!

In Scotland, Nessie waves us “Hello!”,
But it’s not only that,
There’s so much more to know!

We move down to York.
It’s play and no work!
We don’t just observe,
we climb and we walk!
The Vikings are fierce, we board on their ship
We don’t get scared and don’t lose our grip.

We leave for Warwick and we are refreshed,
We see amazing things and feel so blessed!
Shakespeare will wink
His plays are in ink
There is a strong link
To modern ideas we think

And we will all learn
that we can turn
and visit Wales to see a king and queen
But we never forget that we should be green!

Cornwall is stunning and
we are so cunning
we are always running
and our imagination is budding!

The North of Ireland is so pretty
And it would be a pity
Not to visit each city!

So all join us, to cook and to play
To draw and to write,
to swim and to fight with knights and their shields
On mountains and fields!

It’s a unique destination
And no more time to question!

Join us on a great tour of the UK! Through creative play, sports, scientific challenges as well as actual immersion in the British life and culture, each Year group will have the opportunity to delve into a distinct area of the United Kingdom and really get to know it!

This year it might be York... Who knows what next year might bring...?



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Please contact Alexia Sandis at the school by telephone on 210-6047722/3/4/5, or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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