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Academic Excellence

At Byron College we pride ourselves on the achievements of our pupils and of our teachers. This sense of pride is shared equally amongst all of the years – academic excellence, to us, means the real progress made by an EAL pupil in Reception as well as a Sixth Former gaining entry to the University of Cambridge.

The most regularly promoted indicators of academic excellence are examination results. The School's performances at IGCSE and A-Level GCE exams is always excellent.
In 2015 the pass rate at A2 GCE/IAL in Year 13 was 100% of which 30.8%% were A* to A. This meant that all our pupils gained entry to their first choice university course.

The Year 11 pupils that sat IGCSE examinations across a range of subjects far exceeded the UK and International average success rate.

Please note:

  • At least 5 passes (A* to C) including English and Maths

Byron College 2015 achieving the above criteria 86.6% of which 44% were A* or A grades (UK Average: 62% and 19.5%).

IGCSE success is, of course, the ideal preparation for the successful study of A-Level's.

It is through a combination of success at IGCSE and A-Level that Byron pupils gain entrance to universities throughout the world. We are particularly proud of our achievements in entering pupils to the 'Russell Group' of universities in the UK. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.

Russell Group Universities

University of Birmingham*
University of Bristol*
University of Cambridge*
Cardiff University*
Durham University*
University of Edinburgh*
University of Exeter*
University of Glasgow*
Imperial College London*
King's College London*
University of Leeds*
University of Liverpool*
London School of Economics & Political Science*
University of Manchester*
Newcastle University*
University of Nottingham*
University of Oxford*
Queen Mary, University of London*
Queen's University Belfast
University of Sheffield*
University of Southampton*
University College London*
University of Warwick*
University of York*

*Russell Group universities which have offered places to Byron pupils in the past decade.

Of course, exam success rates and university placement records are good indicators of the achievement of academic success by aiming for excellence, but the school also uses other measures.

Academic excellence also means:

  • being able to record real progress;
  • the school ensuring that each child reaches its full potential;
  • that Byron pupils not only enter top universities throughout the world but do indeed succeed as undergraduates and, later, postgraduates;
  • Byron pupils being properly prepared to enter their first choice university;
  • ensuring that real 'value-added' is achieved for all Byron pupils i.e. Positively comparing pupils actual results against predictions.

In an attempt to support the school's pursuit of excellence and achievement, it is necessary to have a properly considered and proven way of evaluating and monitoring a child's potential and progress.

IGCSE, AS and A2 results are final outcomes, but our application of a number of tools provided by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University.

Byron College offers a range of assessments which include:

  • PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools)
  • InCAS (used to inform personalised learning)
  • Insight (a pupil profiling system that measures progress and potential)
  • Alis (provides performance indicators for post 16 pupils)

All information is made available to parents; discussed with them and with the pupils. The results of such assessments are used to inform decision-making and to inform changes to teaching practice as well as influencing budget decisions and timetabling.

Byron College also ensures the excellent quality of educational provision by applying the following:

  • Recruiting properly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Providing the conditions under which these teachers and pupils can teach and learn whilst constantly upgrading that environment by investment in teaching materials and investment in the professional development of staff
  • Setting the highest standards of academic behaviour and discipline and by constantly having high expectations of pupils whilst setting them ambitious but attainable goals
  • Constantly appraising the effectiveness of teaching and encouraging the sharing of good practice
  • Closely monitoring the progress made by pupils so that timely interventions can be made
  • Reporting to parents and providing feedback to pupils
  • Providing considered and appropriate teaching and support to EAL pupils and to children with particular needs
  • Offering exceptional support to pupils prior to exam periods with well-organised revision and, very importantly, ensuring that no lesson time is lost and that 'extra' teaching is, in fact, provided.
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