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Presentation by Professor Nigel Holt

On Thursday 9th November, all Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils of Byron College attended a lecture about psychology by Professor Nigel Holt of the Aberystwyth University.

It was a very engaging presentation which involved interactive activities in which pupils took part, information about Professor Holt’s research in his field, and very useful tips on effective revision for exams.

Pupils had the opportunity to learn about Professor Holt’s job as a psychologist and researcher, the fact that psychology should also be considered a science and should not be undermined, the importance of psychology in everyday life, and how it links with every other field; education, advertising, marketing, etc. We were taught about his research in traffic, people’s behaviour on the road and his investigation pupils were asked to pay close attention to a video projected on the board and count specific movements made by the people on screen. At the end, the video was replayed, and we saw that we had not seen a very key part of the movement; in our case, a gorilla dancing behind the people we were focusing on. The purpose of the video was to show that once the brain focuses on one specific area, it does not register other stimuli present.

We also participated in another exercise, where we heard a recording of a song played backwards and were told to pick up on any words we heard. When no one could make out a word, Professor Holt showed us a text on the board with presumed lyrics for that recording. Immediately, we all heard the words being sung. This was to show that once the brain is told a piece of information, it is registered, retained and impossible to forget it again.

Professor Holt concluded his presentation with some exam revision tips, which were very useful to us and are some that most of us will implement in our studying routines. Professor Nigel Holt’s presentation was very intriguing and inspiring for both, psychology and non-psychology students. It was a great pleasure to attend his lecture and we definitely learnt a lot about the way our brain works and why people behave a certain way.





Written by Dora Papapostolou
Year 12 pupil

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